e1: Discover How To Condense Your Morning Hair Routine Into 30 Minutes Or Less So That You Feel Great All Day!

Welcome to Episode One Of the Sabrina’s Style Show…

Start your day on a positive note learn how to condense your morning routine to 30 minutes!

Posted by Saylon 7, LLC on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

This is Sabrina’s brother, Erick, stepping into the honorable role of Editor for Sabrina’s Style Show…

Yup, I’m going bald 🙁

Our goal for you in making this show is to help you love your hair!

So on today’s episode…

…Sabrina will be sharing with you how to start your day on a positive note by discovering how to condense your morning hair routine in 30 minutes or less.

  • Sabrina starts most of her mornings off with a workout! That’s a great way to get it going!

From there it is how to…

…Wake up, getting dressed, and looking ready to go in 30 minutes or less!

Step 1: Dry Shampoo while setting your day with great intentions!  

“It’s our friend!” says the charismatic Sabrina!

As you’re spraying, keep repeating those mantras and positive affirmations of:

  • “It’s going to be a great day!”
  • “I feel clean, I feel confident, I feel amazing!”

Great Sabrina Quote (GSQ) Alert!:

“Your hair is just your feeling you are putting out into the Universe before anyone can pre-judge you!”

Step 2: You Can Use Some Styling Perfecting Serum

… it smooths, it perfects, it shines.

Use just one pump, that’s all you need!

Step 3: Put in a Restyling Moisture Mist

SEHT (Sabrina’s Expert Hair Tip)

“Can you just put in the Dry Shampoo and be done and go? Sure. “

Step 4: Then it is blow drying while pulling the brush through.

…Working on one side at a time. Then the other.

“Don’t be scared of it, it’s just a brush!”, says the beautiful Sabrina.

“The blow dryer follows the brush”

— Erick here, talking to you, dear Reader… At minute 5:53

… Here’s why I love my Sister so much…

She opens up about and shares a bit of her vulnerability in sharing with you about how she wasn’t always this confident.

That’s the thing about learning to become confident,

having great hair days,

and rocking life…

… it’s about learning to believe in yourself and taking action and moving forward towards what you want.

“GSQ time!: (Great Sabrina Quote)

“I’m just a little bit cuckoo.” she says.

–> All the more things that make her great!

Since she’s slinging these awesome quotes, here’s another one for you..

“Just feel it do it.”  

Step 5: Working the Wand!

Sabrina's Style Show
🧙 Harry Potter is so jealous! 😉

In case you didn’t know…

…All of our tools are 15% off when you bring in your old tool.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Paul Mitchell tools.

They are of professional grade quality used by pros like Sabrina and they made them affordable so that you can buy them

Sabrina isn’t alone in her love of Paul Mitchell!

GSQ: (Great Sabrina Quote!)

“I know you wish that you could take me home with you, so I will teach you the skills, watch my videos, share my videos,

… I will teach you the skills to do your hair the way that I would so that you feel great.”

Here’s Sabrina’s Awesome Blow Drying Tips!…

Could your Blow Dryer be the reason behind your hair not looking better?

These tips will let you know…

  • > If it’s taking too long to blow dry your hair… it’s your blow dryer
  • > If you’re hair feels dry even after you applied your product… it’s your blow dryer
  • > Take 7 seconds and hold your dryer about 6 inches from your other hand, is it feeling hot? If not, you need an upgrade on your Blow Dryer if you care about your hair.

Here’s why we believe and trust Paul Mitchell as a company.

Not only is their technology great, but they care about you, obviously your hair,

But also the world, the environment, and their products’ effects in it.

You buy a good blow dryer, like Paul Mitchell’s, you buy it once.


“Are tools holding your hair back? They could be the reason behind if you hate your hair. I want you to love your hair!”

Back to step 5 and working the Wand tool…

— Start in the middle, and ends go in last

One more tip from Sabrina for you…

…”The healthier your hair, the hotter the tool!

That’s why we call ourselves hair doctors…

… you have a problem, we have a solution to help you!”

Tool talk time!

We have 3 in 1, so you can buy 1 of these (wands) and comes with 3 attachments.

Final Great Sabrina Quote:

“Hair these days is just… whatever. It’s really about your CONFIDENCE!

All things are in right now for hair.”

Now before you go, check your blow dryer and see if you are in need of an upgrade.

Grab your old one and trade it in at our shop to get a top of the line Paul Mitchell one for 15% off.

Here’s the Google Maps location in case you haven’t been to our shop before…

Give us a call to set your appointment now at

(715) 836-7771

Help you love your hair in the next episode!

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