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Hey Saylon 7-er!…

… welcome to one of the most enduring, and action-packed episodes we’ve ever had here on Sabrina’s Style Show!

The tips are coming at you fast and furiously…

Kinda like these movies 😉

Today we have a special guest star in the brave, beautiful Jessica!

…and getting all sorts of techniques, tips, and styles for her fine fragile hair.

Here’s The Entire Episode For Your Viewing, Hair Styling Pleasure!

Sabrina teaches some styling tips for finer hair types! Comment below to be entered in a drawing for free product!

Posted by Saylon 7, LLC on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Today’s episode is brought to you today by Sabrina’s brother…

The “black sheep” when it comes to having beautiful hair 😉

…giving you the play-by-play on today’s sensational, hair-loving, episode!

Think of this writing here as the…

Ultimate Guide Of Tips & Tricks For Your Fine Fragile Hair

We begin today’s episode talking about a product line, in regards to Jessica’s hair, called…

Invisible Wear

See the source image

…A great product line to help build your hair with texture and body.

According to the “hair expert” Sabrina… turns out 80% of women have fine, fragile air. So if you’re one of those, than you’re going to LOVE this episode!

Up first for your tips and tricks is starting off with a product called Root Boost

Next product that Sabrina uses in Jessica’s hair is called…

>> Thicken Up <<

Good stuff 🙂

Jessica was using it and turns out that she wasn’t using enough!

1-2-3-4 pumps Sabrina puts in the brave Jessica’s palm!

Smear it around, in your fingertips, until…

“almost make LOTION with it!” -says the helpful Sabrina!

Spread it in the back first and then to the sides.

“You’re basically wiping your hands off in your hair” – says the great Sabrina.

Now make sure the hair is pulled back and then it’s onto the blow dryer…

…using the blow dry technique!

Start on one side and then work your way around.

Remember, if you’re in need of some upgrades to your hair styling tools…

… go ahead and bring your old tools in here to Saylon 7 and get 15% off.

Now with what you’re seeing with Sabrina working with Jessica here, the results are meant to keep for 5 days.

So when you’re hair is about 80% dry…

… get out your brush…

And then it’s the infamous truck and trailer technique!

Did you catch the great question Jessica when she is working on Jessica’s hair? and Jessica awesomely asks…

“What am I to do if I’m by myself!?”

Sabrina expertly replies with…

“Pull it all forward. Hang it forward. And go Truck & Trailer forward.”

Quick Hair Tip Time!

When you’re blow drying your hair straight back and to the other side…

… you are already setting it up for VOLUME without having to use the brush!

Jessica’s hair looks super good already, doesn’t it, my good Reader?

So now here at this point of Jessica’s beautiful hair journey, her and Sabrina get super cute and pretend like it’s tomorrow…

…that way Jessica the Brave will know what to do!

Here’s what Sabrina shows her:

She grabs…

Perfecting Oil Serum

See the source image

It smooths, shines, and polishes your hair…

… all you need is one pump in your hands, and then…

Grab your hair at the ends with the your product covered fingers and pull it down and through your hair.

  • This helps prolong your hair color
  • Protects your hair from the heat
  • Helps moisturize
  • Prevent split ends

Up next, product #2:

…A Thermal Protecting Hair Spray

A quick tip courtesy of that Sabrina!…

…Oils don’t have to be brushed in, they can if you want to though…

Sabrina’s Fun Hair Fact coming at ya!…

👉 Every single hair follicle grows its own little sac to help moisturize your hair and protect your scalp.

So Jessica has finer hair and she came to see Sabrina because she wanted it to look thicker.

Here’s what Sabrina’s strategy was…

  1. Blunt the ends with scissor cuts
  2. Texture
  3. And layering in at the top

Here now comes the curling time…

…and with that is a question that Jessica had that maybe you do as well:

—> all about getting those curls to hold…. “I would curl my hair, and an hour later my hair would fall back down.” -the concerned Jessica asked.

Here comes Sabrina, the “Hair Doctor”, to the rescue!

With your wand in one hand, got it turned to around 360, with your other one

Just one more step in Sabrina’s Mission to help you love your hair!
  1. …take diagonal, rectangle sections
  2. Clamp in the middle and open turn inward
  3. Your hair that is clamped should be a bit hot to the touch.

Jessica then brings up an excellent question:

“The day after the curls, do you use the curling iron again? How do you get the curl to revive 2-3 days later?”

Sabrina’s quick answer?…

With the help of product and brushing…

  1. Put your dry shampoo on your root
  2. Condition your ends
  3. brush your hair

Then see if you like it! 🙂

You can add textured hair spray, or softer hair sprays

If you didn’t like the wave or your curl that was in there, then you can touch-up the curl and spray a thermal protector on it.

Did you know that Sabrina is a Hair Translator?

Your hair talks to Sabrina and she knows what it’s saying to you!

Here comes a great quote by Jessica…

“The last couple of weeks it’s been as good as it has ever been in years!  

I’ve actually been liking my hair again!”

Jessica couldn’t be more right on! When you start loving your hair, it changes everything about how you look, and then therefore how you feel!

Great Jessica quote here:

When you have a great hair day, you can conquer anything.

Back to some more curling tips:

“When you’re curling on your own, you bring everything forward”

A lot your curling results is the quality of your iron.

Here’s a good one

You’ll know you have a good one when:

  • It heats up right away
  • Holds the heat the whole time

That’s when Jessica adds in: it’s like differences in pans

Jessica goes on to ask…

“What did you mean by conditioning the curls on days 2 and 3?”

Answer: Use a tiny bit of the oils on the curls

the steam that arises when you’re curling is a FANTASTIC sign!

Another cool hair tip when curling…

… it means that the oils and products are getting soaked into your hair and not burning it.

Do you know why we start the curls in the middle?

👉 Because the ends are fragile. Don’t want to overheat them!

You ready for some awesome news from Sabrina in regards to hair these days…

…she shares that ANYTHING goes!

It’s all in!

“It’s really about your confidence and try it!” – Sabrina

Here comes another awesome tip

Stick with your one style for one week. Repeat what you just did that way you get practice.

As far as products go, Sabrina & Jessica are a big fan of that Dry Shampoo.

You can see Sabrina using one for blondes there. It can also come in brunettes too.

Up next is the second product that Jessica purchased…

… it’s called Pump-Up Product

There’s that InvisibleWear again! 😉

“It’s almost like Dry Shampoo” – Sabrina says

Now it’s hairspray time!

  1. Remember, hold that thing 6 inches away from your hair.
  2. Make a 90 degree angle and spray.
  3. And lift and spray

If you have finer fragile hair, it is good to get a cutting system.

And one last tip for you …

  • To make your curls come to life…
  • … put a little oil on your fingertips
  • And then touch your hair.

Think of oil as like lotion for your hair.

Sabrina has these parting words…

“Everything we do here is to help you love your hair.

Love your hair. Love yourself. And Happy Holidays!”

Call this number here to see if there’s an opening to set up your hair consulting appointment…


Or book yourself online by clicking this link here

See you in the next episode!

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