e3: Starting You Off With The Basics For Smoothing Your Hair!

Welcome to another edition of Sabrina’s Style Show!

This is Sabrina’s brother…

…giving you the cheatsheets and cliff notes from today’s episode so that you can LOVE YOUR HAIR all the more!

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Posted by Saylon 7, LLC on Friday, December 28, 2018

Starting you off great with just the basics!

1.) First up is Sabrina’s favorite thing ever to do, and that is ….

we’re going back to the basics!


This is sum serious stuff, and it’s super concentrated.

“It’s a $40 bottle so it’s not meant to take on trips and stuff,” that Sabrina says!

You only need 4 drops so rub those drops in your hands

Just after applying it to her hair, Sabrina demonstrates that her hair already has her shine back!

This is great for you if you don’t have the time in the morning but still want to look good and feel good!

Now out comes the Paul Mitchell Nero!

Talk to your stylist about what the best temperature setting is to set it at, for this one Sabrina sets it at 360

Pulling it down and did you see the “phrase that pays” there? You got it, Saylon 7-er!

Once Slow and Control!

Tip your head to the side and make a big C!

Oops, don’t forget to spray your Thermal Protector on it!

Using Thermal Protector has 2 big benefits for your hair

  1. Does the job faster and
  2. Protects your hair (obvi) 😉

Sabrina’s Quick Tip Time…

If you’re hair is cool, you can go again,


The ends of your hair are the MOST fragile! So be gentle to them

When it comes to layering your hair, did you know that your hair is like fish scales? How cool is that!

See the source image

That’s her untangling brush by Maroola, as well there in case you were wondering..

She’s so cool!

The trend in right now is BIG HAIR! but it’s really about what works for you.

Here we now are nearing the end…

And one more tip to help you out…

…and Sabrina’s helping you out with straightening your hair from the back….

“When you’re ironing your hair, it’s like ironing a shirt. Making sure your hair is stretched out”

Then just use your mirror to see if you’ve missed a spot!…

Thank you for being awesome!

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